Friday August 7th, I went to Richtree Natural Market Restaurants there food was amazingly delicious. It had that spicy ingredient taste that made it so good and tasty. I felt so welcomed while i was there. A lot of people were staring but it was fun to be together and have amazing tacos ! Thank you to the workers for serving the tacos and burritos, The bus looked really cool and old fashion looking so it was fun. I found it really nice to be surrounded with my friends. We took selfies with the workers and cashier they were very friendly and engaging in a conversation.They gave us pop as well and it was very kind of them to open it for us! I found my tacos were so good, everyone enjoyed there food and i certainly did. I had gotten three small chicken tacos with some spicy sauce which made it even better, with a side of coca cola pop. It was a very big line up of girls waiting. Children were taking picture with us while we were in line.My favourite part about being there was talking to the workers and children. It was so much fun and i’d like to thank richtree natural market restaurants again for having us for dinner. #MTC #food #Tacos #MissteenagaCanada #richtreefiesta

Written by: Kodi

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