A few days ago i got invited to a princess tea. So when I was ready I went down and seen all these little girls running around in their princess dresses and tiaras. A lot of them were staring and pointing but I knew they were surprised. I was walking around looking what was going on when I seen little kids were taking pictures with the princess so I thought maybe I should get the kids together and take a picture with them. I found the girl running the princess tea and asked her if I could take a picture with the kids and she said sure I asked her to get some little girls rounded up to take the picture with me and when she did they were all over me they wanted to be by me, they wanted to take pictures with me and they loved my dress and crown. One little girl said “I want to take a picture with the real princess” but I had to leave because it was prom night so I couldn’t stay long. I wish I could’ve stayed longer to take pictures with the girls, after the pictures were done I gave some girls high fives and a lot of the other girls ran up and hugged me.I loved how they wanted to be with me and they adored me
I loved how some girls look up to me and how I’m there role model, and thought I was the big princess. I had a fantastic time! 🙂

Written by: Kodi

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